Lesson Reviews

Basic Movements

Select the Arrow to view real dancers, select Words for animated dancers Date Taught
Dancers Naming 04-02-2018
Circle Left04-02-2018
Forward and Back04-02-2018
Do sa do04-02-2018
Promenade family04-02-2018
Allemande Left04-02-2018
Arm turns04-02-2018
Right & Left Grand family 04-02-2018
Star family04-02-2018
Star promenade04-02-2018
Pass thru04-02-2018
Split the outside couple04-02-2018
Half sashay family04-02-2018
Turn back family04-02-2018
Courtesy turn04-02-2018
Do paso04-02-2018
Lead right04-02-2018
Right and left thru04-02-2018
Grand square04-02-2018
Star thru04-02-2018
Circle to a line04-02-2018
Bend the line04-02-2018
All around the corner04-02-2018
See saw04-02-2018
Square thru family04-02-2018
California twirl04-02-2018
Dive Thru04-02-2018
Wheel around04-02-2018
Thar family04-02-2018
Shoot the star04-02-2018
Slip the clutch04-02-2018
Box the Gnat04-02-2018
Ocean wave family04-02-2018
Alamo ring04-02-2018
Pass the ocean04-02-2018
Swing thru family04-02-2018
Run family04-02-2018
Trade family04-02-2018
Wheel and deal family04-02-2018
Double pass thru04-02-2018
1st couple go left next couple go right04-02-2018
Flutterwheel family04-02-2018
Sweep a quarter04-02-2018
Veer family 04-02-2018
Trade by04-02-2018
Touch a quarter04-02-2018
Circulate family04-02-2018
Ferris wheel04-02-2018

Mainstream Movements

Select the Arrow to view real dancers, select Words for animated dancers Date Taught
Ladies chain family01-15-2018
Turn Thru01-15-2018
Eight Chain Thru01-15-2018
Pass To The Center01-15-2018
Spin The Top01-15-2018
Centers In01-15-2018
Cast Off Three Quarters01-15-2018
Walk & Dodge01-15-2018
Slide Thru 01-15-2018
Fold Family01-15-2018
Dixie Style To An Ocean Wave01-15-2018
Tag Family01-15-2018
Half Tag The Line01-15-2018
Scoot Back01-15-2018
Hinge Family01-15-2018
Spin Chain Thru01-15-2018

Plus Movements

Select the Arrow to view real dancers, select Words for animated dancers Date Taught
Acey Deucey04-02-2018
Tea Cup Chain04-02-2018
Ping Pong Circulate04-02-2018
Load The Boat04-02-2018
Peel Off04-02-2018
Linear Cycle04-02-2018
(Anything) & Spread04-02-2018
Spin Chain The Gears04-02-2018
Track 204-02-2018
(Anything) & Roll04-02-2018
Follow Your Neighbor04-02-2018
Fan The Top04-02-2018
Explode The Wave04-02-2018
Explode And (anything)04-02-2018
Relay The Deucey04-02-2018
Peel The Top04-02-2018
Diamond Circulate04-02-2018
Single Circle To a Wave04-02-2018
Trade The Wave04-02-2018
Flip The Diamond04-02-2018
Grand Swing Thru04-02-2018
All 8 Spin The Top04-02-2018
Cut The Diamond04-02-2018
Chase Right04-02-2018
Dixie Grand04-02-2018
3/4 Tag The Line04-02-2018
Spin Chain & Exchange The Gears04-02-2018



Square Dance Lessons on Video courtesy of Saddlebrook Squares -Tucson, AZ